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How big is the demand?
The demand for experiences continues to grow. Guests want something more than just a room with a view. Offering them something to do on-property to keep them devoted to your brand is important and desired. Private suite karaoke is the perfect way to do this. Singing Suites is also a way to engage with your local market beyond just the typical restaurant and bar offerings.
What’s the ideal market?
This service is geared toward those who cater to friends, groups, and families and want to provide their guests with unique experiences while staying on property. For hotel and resort guests having a small and mid-size suites with capacities up to 12 people is key. If you cater to larger groups / events / weddings, then having larger suites for 16+ is recommended.

It has also proven to be a great team building exercise for corporate groups of all sizes. If you are looking to build your corporate meetings business this is an amazing and unique offering. In addition to the 16+ size suites you will want the ability to use in larger conference rooms.

What are the suite size options?
The suites can range from small options for up to four guests or large accommodations for over 100 guests and so much in between. The choices are based on the space available and what makes the most sense for you and your guests. In our experience, it is always better to go with a bigger suite. Less people can fit into a bigger suite but more people can’t fit into a smaller suite.
Are the suites soundproof?
Yes, we definitely recommend soundproofing your Singing Suite. There are various options in this area and we’d love to discuss those options with you. Contact us!
What languages are available?
There are 15 languages to select from when implementing your Singing Suite. The most popular are English (37k+ songs), Spanish (18k+), and Chinese (38k+).
Can it be white-labeled?
Yes, we do have this option.
How long does it take to implement?
There is time and decisions needed to prepare the space. Location of suites, design and build out, which tend to take the longest amount of time. However, once those pieces are in place implementing the karaoke portion happens relatively quickly.
How many employees are needed?
The number of associates needed to operate your Singing Suites is really dependent on the number of suites and operating hours. The great part of this entertainment channel is that once guests are introduced to it, they don’t need a lot of hand holding. As well it can be integrated into your other F&B offerings. However the advanced booking options makes it easy to manage demand and therefore employee needs.
What type of training is provided?
We want your experience to be stellar and therefore have created awesome training sessions and materials that will make everything as simple as possible for you. We can show you all the details and tailor it accordingly.
What type of ongoing service is offered once everything is installed?
We provide customer service as you ramp up and for any technical assistance needs. As well we provide support for internal and external marketing communications as you navigate this new world of karaoke.
Does it have to be a fixed private suite or are there other options?
We like the private suite option but can work with you on making other avenues work. For example, a karaoke space in a bar area, or a mobile karaoke option, or karaoke for a larger space.
How much does it cost?
The cost structure is multi-faceted. There is an initial implementation fee and an ongoing service fee. These costs are dependent on how many suites and the sizes of the suites you desire. These fees can start at $10,000 for the implementation fee and $600/unit for the monthly fee. Please note these costs do not account for the suite build out, which is also dependent on size and selections.
What ongoing costs are involved?
There is a monthly fee for the karaoke services and customer support provided. These fees are dependent on the number of suites in the implementation but start at $600 / unit. There is also more assistance offered from a marketing and operational perspective based on your needs.
How soon can we see a return on the investment?
We have seen ROI in the first year of operation. However, this is based on what structure you decide works best for your goals. Some clients see this as an amenity solely for their guests’ enjoyment. Some clients will implement a solution that provides enjoyment AND revenue from the in-house guests and local guests not staying on property.
Why Singing Suites?
We have proven the value of having a private suite karaoke venue from a marketing, operational, and profitability standpoint. We are the perfect partner to bring these exemplary results to your location!
What are the next steps?
Contact us! We can’t wait to discuss it in more detail!

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